Quality Lagers & Ales

Imagine a bustling, thriving city where the heart of its craft beer scene is mainly confined to the downtown core. In Cheyenne, this is the reality. Commuters and residents from the northern and eastern regions of the city find themselves in a craft beer desert, yearning for the rich, distinctive flavors they so ardently deserve. Just envision the vast untapped potential waiting to be seized in these underserved areas, where quality craft beer has yet to make its stamp. Now is the time to bring the irresistible allure of craft brews to every corner of Cheyenne, leaving no neighborhood behind on this flavorful journey. 

Our forthcoming brewery will be situated in the northeast region of Cheyenne, an area that currently exhibits a significant gap in the craft beer market. We are committed to supplying premium beer, emphasizing crisp and invigorating lagers and supplementing our offerings with seasonal favorites such as IPA and fruit-infused sours. With this strategic location, we intend to capitalize on commuter traffic during the post-work rush while simultaneously appealing to local craft beer enthusiasts beyond the downtown epicenter. 

Coming Spring 2025

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